Club Championship Heat6

What promised to be a lovely afternoon of sailing in 8-10 knots, turned into another light wind sail around the now very familiar "Green Course". Alex Hugh and Dave Alyward managed to get a jump on the rest of the fleet and thats the way it stayed through to the finish. Good luck to Hugh and Tara who are off to Toronto over the weekend for the MG14 State Titles.

Club Championship Heat4

What a difference a week makes and seabreeze got it wrong again. What was meant to be a lovely 12-15kt Southeasterly turned into a wet, windless afternoon. For many of the NS14 fleet just getting to the start line in time was difficult enough, and don't even try and talk to Danii about getting back to the club, after the race.

Salty Lips hogs the camera

Sunday, MTs heat2 at Hunters Hill Sailing Club and the cameras were out in force. Every time I pointed my camera, Scott and Holly had managed to park their boat "Salty Lips", right in front of the lens. Yellow boat, show pony stuff, but boy can those two sail.

Metropolitan Trophy (MTs) Heat2

Sailed on Sunday at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club, with the wind blowing at around 20kts and gusts being recorded at 25kts, FUN was the order of the day. Hugh and Taras experience in heavy wind showed early as they disappeared into the distance leaving the rest of the fleet to fight it out between them. Scott Day on "Salty Lips"was seen trying to fly, while Tim on "Dark Horse" had a little mast problem and retired hurt.
I was told that the course distance was around 22kms so those "smaller" crew members that hung in there deserved a massive pat on their backs.

Metropolitan Trophy (MTs) Heat1

Sailed at Chipping Norton on Saturday we had everything from Gusty winds, to no wind, to rain, to sunshine, and everything in between and some great sailing. Hugh and Tara took an early lead until Alex and Danii decided to give them a race. Just behind them was another close race between Daves Saltwater, Evolution and Mojo. Malcolm had a guest on board but after the race said he was looking forward to having Alice back in the boat on Sunday for heat2 ;-)

Main Downhaul

There was a question on the forum the other day about the options for a Main Sail Downhaul. I have taken a picture of Alexs and hope this helps.